Zain Saudi Arabia

Zain Saudi Arabia is the third biggest telecom operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was assigned to the project between 2011 and 2015.

My brief was simple: we have 2 colors and existing websites (website, online shop, client self-care website). We need a new responsive website that merges the functionalities of all 3 entities. The project started with simple wireframes and progressed thru 3 design versions/phases before we got to the final design version.


During the 4 years, I worked on this project, I got promoted from a junior front end developer to a senior Visual developer where I worked with a team of 12 to 18 while managing 2 visual developers.

My role progressed from minor design and HTML/CSS changes to something different: taking the brief from the client and transforming it to a final design while laying the ground for the front end development team.

The website was designed while taking into consideration:
– Tight deadlines: we had 5 months from the first wireframe to get to the first online version.
– Client request: ability to change icons, images, labels and colors from the back-end. This wasn’t possible with the custom CMS used, so we had to make some compromises in the design to adapt to the technical limitations of the project. In addition, I introduced Bootstrap and JQuery to the project in order to facilitate some parts of the development.


Zain Saudi Arabia


Zain Saudi Arabia


September 2011 - July 2015


  • User Interface Design
  • Use Experience Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • Responsive Design

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