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During my time at Create Music Group in Vancouver - Canada, I was assigned a project to create an app that generates music splits sheets as a PDF. A user would open the app and add contributors to a track or composition while in the studio and they will receive emails or notifications to confirm/reject their shares.

My role was to study the proposal, generate wireframes, test them. Later on, create the actual UI and branding for the app and manage the development cycle while supporting the developers in whatever was needed. On the other side, communicate to the client progress, plan and issues along the way.

We first launched on iOS. After almost a full year, we launched a beta version on Android. However, the iOS app proved to be more popular since most of our user base is stationed in North America, where iOS is the dominate platform.

During 2020, as part of the work to refine the company's branding and digital presence, we started a project to redesign Splits to fall in line with the company's new vision.

The work resulted in a new brand for Splits derived from the main company visuals: A new logo, a new landing page, brighter colors and a new User Interface for the mobile apps.

Splits logo kept the same "splitting" concept, but implemented it in a modern 3D way that makes it clearer.

Some of that work was released to the public (marketing page, logo), the rest is still in development.



Create Music Group


Create Music Group


iOS: January 2018 - January 2019
Android: December 2018 - January 2020

Redesign: March 2020 - June 2020

Splits in the press
- Billboard.com (link).


  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • iOS Design
  • Android Design
  • Product Design
  • Project Management

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