Premiere Online


Premier Online is a leading provider of online event registration for sports events in the middle east and north Africa. However, their online presence needed uplift and I was brought in to help refine the experience of the website as well as the look and feel.


My role on this project started as a UI Designer but evolved to user experience analysis as well as HTML development.

The scope of the redesign was established by mocking up the sitemap. This gave us (and myself especially) an idea of what needed to be done. The visual sitemap gave us the following:

- Some pages and workflows are too complicated and need to be simplified.
- The website has at least 3 orphaned pages.

As a result, I went back to the wireframing phase and mocked up half a dozen screens that cover the essential pages. Once approved, I took the time to mock up the rest of the pages (more than 56 pages or templates in total).

Next step was the user interface. Since we already had agreed on what front end framework we'll be using, I took that as a foundation to base myself on.

The user interface was designed while taking into consideration:
– Interoperability: the UI needed to be easily (and quickly) transplanted and customized to fit other website owned by the same company.
– We already had an established brand, so the changes needed to modernize the brand while not being too drastic to force the users into a learning curve.
– Responsive: It's simple really. A ticketing website in 2018 should be responsive. Most users, especially in the middle east, depend heavily on their phones.

We went into 2 iterations of UI design. Once everyone approved, I finalized the UI (desktop and mobile) and presented it as a mid-fidelity prototype.

Last step (and probably the most time consuming) was HTML development. Using UIKit as the main framework, I went thru more than 50 templates and converted them to static HTML/CSS pages. Those were handed off to a backend developer provided by the client.


Premiere Online


Zain Saudi Arabia


March 2018 - September 2018


  • User Interface Design
  • Use Experience Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • UIKit
  • Responsive Design

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