How do you practice your newly acquired skills if no one wants to trust you and help you build on them? You take advantage of a failed job interview and you invest all your skills, not just the new ones, to create an awesome result!

During my 12 months of job hunting in Vancouver, I had to pass around 3 technical assignments, the last one was an AngularJS based web application that reads data from Marvel API. I already had some basic knowledge in Angular, but I had never done anything like this.

As usual, I decided to take this as a new personal challenge and the result was something I'm super proud of: a personal achievement.

Although it is considered a very basic thing, but for someone who never experienced AngularJS in a professional setting, and who learned it by himself, I couldn't be happier, and although I wasn't hired by that company, this same project helped me land my current job at Label Engine Ltd creating a super fun project.

Do you want to check my Marvel API app?

  • For GitHub link: click here.
  • For Demo link: click here.


For a first timer, what do you think? I would appreciate your opinion in a comment below!

Thank you <3